Koch, Walter A(lbert) (1895– )
Teacher and astrologer who wrote books and articles on
parapsychology. He was born on September 18, 1895, in EsslingenNeckar,
Württemberg, Germany, and studied at the
University of Tübingen (Ph.D., 1920). He was scientific adviser
to the Association of German Astrologers and leader of the investigation
circle of the Cosmobiosophical Association, Hamburg.
He served in the German army during World War I but
was arrested for resistance to the Nazis in 1941 and spent three
Knockers Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
years in prisons (including the concentration camp at Dachau).
Koch wrote a number of books on astrological subjects. He also
contributed articles on psychokinesis, card divination, and
prophecy to various journals, including Neue Wissenschaft and
Mensch und Schicksal.
Koch, Walter A. Astrologische Farbenlehre (Astrological Science
of Colors). N.p., 1930.
———. Deine Farbe—Dein Charakter (Your Color—Your
Character). N.p., 1953.
———. Dr. Korsch und Die Astrologie (Dr. Korsch and Astrology).
N.p., 1956.
———. Innenmensch und Außenmensch (Man Introversion
and Extraversion). N.p., 1956.
———. Prophetie und Astrologische Prognose (Prophecy and
Astrological Prediction). N.p., 1954.
———. Psychologische Farbenlehre (Psychological Science of
Colors). C. Marhold, 1931.
———. Regiomontanus und das Häusersystem des Geburtosortes
(Regiomontanus and the System of Houses of Birthplaces).
N.p., 1960.
———. Die Seele der Edelsteine (The Psyche of Precious
Stones). N.p., 1934.

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