Koot Hoomi, Master (Kuthumi)
One of the masters originally contacted by Helena Petrovna
Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society. According
to theosophical teachings a spiritual hierarchy exists, composed
of individuals who have finished their round of earthly
reincarnations and have evolved to a position from which they
guide the affairs of humanity from the spiritual planes. Members
of the hierarchy closest to humanity are the lords of the
Seven Rays (of the light spectrum). Each ray is representative
of a particular virtue that the lord of that ray exemplifies.
Master Koot Hoomi, generally referred to simply as ‘‘Master
K. H.,’’ is the lord of the Second Ray, and exemplar of wisdom.
He is especially concerned with culture—art, religion, and education—and
is the guardian of a vast museum located in the remote
Tibetan valley where he and Master Morya reside. In one
of his past incarnations Koot Hoomi was the philosopher Pythagoras
but today he inhabits the body of a Kasmirian Indian.
Like Morya, he travels frequently and many members of the
Theosophical Society have reported seeing him. Blavatsky reportedly
first met him in 1868. He also had a special relationship
with A. P. Sinnett, one of the early theosophical leaders.
Master Koot Hoomi was one of the three main communicators
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Koot Hoomi, Master (Kuthumi)
(the others being Master Morya and Djual Khul) of what were
compiled as The Mahatma Letters, the ultimate source for many
theosophical ideas.
K. H. has been one of the masters with whom leaders of
theosophical movements independent of the Theosophical Society
have claimed frequent contact.
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