Kooy, J(ohannes) M(arie) J(oseph)
(1902– )
Lecturer in mathematics and physics who made special
studies of the problems of space travel and precognition in
dreams. Kooy was born on July 13, 1902, at Rotterdam, the
Netherlands. He studied at the Technical University of Delft
and the University of Leyden (Ph.D. physics and mathematics).
He became an engineer with De Nederlandsche Staalindustrie,
Rotterdam (1927–32); chief scientific adviser in the aeronautical
department of the Technical University, Delft (1936–39); a
lecturer in theoretical physics, mechanics, and mathematics at
the Royal Military Academy, Breda (1939–59); and a lecturer
in space-flight mechanics at the Technical University of Delft
(1960–). Besides his publications on ballistics, space travel, and
related fields, Kooy published many papers on parapsychology,
especially ruminations on the relationship of time, space,
and psychical events. He was a charter associate member of the
Parapsychological Association.
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