Krasperdon, Dino
Dino Krasperdon was the pen name of a controversial flying
saucer contactee from Brazil named Aladino Felix. According
to the account later published in his book, My Contact with Flying
Saucers, in November of 1952 Felix and a friend saw several flying
saucers above a mountain in rural Sao Paulo state. Going
back to the location, Felix waited three days for the saucers to
return. He was rewarded when a saucer landed and invited him
inside. He took a tour of the ship and was told it would return.
That return occurred some three months later when the ship’s
captain showed up at Felix’s house. During the visit, the captain
said that at various times he had lived on Jupiter, Ganymede,
and Io. Three subsequent meetings followed in which the captain
spoke on a wide range of subjects from science and space
travel to life on other worlds. As was common to contactee literature,
the captain also spoke philosophically about the human
The book-length account of Felix’s conversations was published
in Brazil in Portuguese in 1957 and in English two years
later. It was not impressive for its teachings or as evidence of
possible extraterrestrial contact, and was soon forgotten. Then
in August of 1959 Felix emerged out of obscurity to grant an
interview on Brazilian television. He claimed that the events recounted
in his book had never occurred. Then several weeks
later he was arrested as a member of a terrorist gang. Following
his arrest, he was reported to have claimed that Venusians
would soon appear to free him and his associates. The Venusians
never came and when he was finally sentenced in 1971,
he was remanded to a mental institution. Only writer John A.
Keel attempted to defend Felix with an argument that he was
a victim of evil supernatural entities.

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