Krata Repoa
Title of a book published in Berlin in 1782 claiming to be
an ‘‘initiation into the ancient mysteries of the priests of
Egypt.’’ The authors were C. F. Köppen (1734–ca. 1797) and
J. W. B. von Hymmen (1725–1786). Köppen was a German official
and one of the founders of the Order of African Architects.
The Krata Repoa is of a Masonic ritual nature and is divided
into seven grades. The grade of Postophoris (a name used by
Apuleius to signify a priest of Isis) corresponds to the apprentice
or keeper of the sacred threshold. Second comes the degree
of Neokaros, in which are found many ordeals and temptations.
The third grade is the state of death—of judgment and
passage of the soul. The candidate is restored to light in the following
degree, that of the battle of the shadows. In the fifth
grade, a drama of vengeance is enacted. The sixth is that of the
astronomer before the gate of the gods. In the final grade, the
whole scheme of initiation is expounded.
Krapf, Phillip H. Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
It was believed that these degrees corresponded to the actual
procedure of a secret society, and it may be that in some measure
they did, since one of their authors was a prominent member
of the African Architects. However, although there seem to
be elements of real tradition in the work, most of it is probably
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