Kreskin (1935– )
The mentalist magician Kreskin was born George Joseph
Kresge, Jr., on January 12, 1935, in Montclair, New Jersey. He
was educated at Seton Hall University (B.A., 1963). He worked
for eight years as consultant to a psychologist. He disclaims supernatural
powers but appears to use some form of ESP in such
stage tricks as ‘‘influencing’’ a member of his audience to select
a name (previously placed by Kreskin in an envelope) from a
pile of telephone directories. He has described telepathy as
‘‘just a heightening of the senses,’’ and he has suggested that
‘‘ESP’’ should read ‘‘PSE’’—phenomena scientifically explainable.
In addition to his book The Amazing World of Kreskin (1973),
he has also published Use Your Head to Get Ahead! With Kreskin’s
Mind Power Book (1977). Although he says he uses telepathy in
conjunction with conventional stage magic, he also claims that
his methods are purely scientific. According to Kreskin, ‘‘Everything
I do is inherent in everyone. But what I have done is to
learn to sensitize myself to the reactions and attitudes of people
around me. Under certain conditions I can sense their
thoughts as well as influence their thoughts.’’
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