Krishna Venta (1911–1958)
Religious name adopted by Francis Heindswater Pencovic,
founder of the now-defunct WFLK (Wisdom, Faith, Love, and
Knowledge) Fountain of the World, a Hindu-based religious
community. Pencovic grew up in Utah as a Mormon and was
orphaned when he was eight. Venta who claimed to be Christ,
was said to have come from the planet Neophrates many years
ago and landed in Nepal. He was teleported to the United
States on March 9, 1932, and took over the biography of a
three-year-old boy, Francis Pencovic, who had recently died.
He gathered a following that settled in the Box Canyon area
of the San Fernando Valley in the 1940s.
During the 1950s Krishna Venta was accused of unfaithfulness
to his wife with various women of the group. On December
10, 1958, several former members whose wives were still in the
group encountered Krishna Venta in the administrative building
of the group’s communal settlement and set off a dynamite
bomb that killed ten people, including Venta. His wife succeeded
him as leader of the group, which continued into the
early 1980s.

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