Krohn, Sven I(lmari) (1903– )
Professor of philosophy and writer on parapsychology.
Krohn was born on May 9, 1903, at Helsinki, Finland, and later
studied at the University of Helsinki (M.A., 1929) and the University
of Turku, Finland (Ph.D., 1949). He became successively
a schoolteacher, a lecturer in theoretical philosophy, and
professor of philosophy and in 1960 was appointed head of the
Philosophical Institution at the University of Turku.
Krohn had a lifelong interest in parapsychology. He served
as president of the Society for Psychical Research, Finland
(1934–40); as the Finnish representative to the International
Congress for Psychical Research, Oslo (1935); and as founder
and president of the Society for Parapsychological Studies in
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