Kulagina, Nina S. (1926–1990)
Russian psychic who demonstrated the ability to move objects
at a distance, one form of psychokinesis (PK). Kulagina,
a St. Petersburg housewife, has been tested under laboratory
conditions by noted researchers, including physiologist L. L.
Vasiliev and neurophysiologist Genady A. Sergeiev of the Uktomskii
Physiological Institute, Leningrad; Czech psychical researcher
Zdenek Rejdak; psychologist B. Blazek; and Dr. J. S.
Tested by Vasiliev in the 1960s, Kulagina caused a compass
needle to spin by holding her hand a few inches above it and
also moved matchboxes at a distance. She was filmed demonstrating
her ability to move small objects such as a pen or cigarettes
without contact. In 1968 this film was presented by Sergeiev
before an international meeting of parapsychologists in
Moscow. American parapsychologists who tested her, including
Montague Ullman and J. G. Pratt, considered her a most successful
subject with respect to producing PK regularly on demand.
Kulagina died in 1990.
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