Kuleshova, Rosa (1955–1978)
Russian psychic who demonstrated the ability to ‘‘read’’
printed words with the fingers of her right hand when her normal
vision was completely obstructed, an ability usually termed
dermo-optical perception or eyeless sight. She could also determine
color tones on paper and objects by touch. Experiments
with Kuleshova were reported in 1963 by Soviet scientist
I. M. Gol’dberg.
Kuleshova was a relatively unimportant individual in her
hometown of Nizhniy Tagil in the Urals, but after news of her
remarkable abilities spread through the scientific world in the
USSR she was invited to Moscow to undergo experiments at the
Biophysics Institute of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. There
Kuleshova demonstrated her abilities to scientists, and it seems
likely that the attention and excitement went to her head.
She found it difficult to adjust to ordinary life back in Tagil
and insisted on returning to Moscow for further experiments.
She made wild claims that she often failed to fulfill and was
even caught cheating. After this led to skepticism about ‘‘skin
vision,’’ further scientific tests were undertaken with precautions
against fraud, and these validated Kuleshova’s basic abilities.
In 1964 Life reporter Bob Brigham saw Kuleshova in Moscow
and stated that she was able to read the small print on his
business card accurately with her elbow when her normal vision
was entirely obstructed. Soon other Soviet subjects were discovered
to have the ability of eyeless sight, and new programs of
scientific investigation were undertaken. The faculty of ‘‘skin
vision’’ was renamed ‘‘bio-introscopy’’ in the Soviet Union.
Rosa Kuleshova died in 1978 from a brain tumor. Reports
of her successful demonstrations of eyeless sight in the editorial
offices of the Moscow journal Technika Mologeji shortly before
her death were reported in The International Journal of Paraphysics
(vol. 13, nos. 3, 4). (See also Jules Romains; Seeing with the
Stomach; Transposition of the Senses; USSR)
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