Kundalini Research Association
A Swiss-based organization for the scientific study of all aspects
of kundalini, first described in traditional Hindu scriptures
and yoga texts as a divine power latent in the human organism,
and now believed to be a subtle biological force
generated by the reproductive system, responsible for human
evolution and states of higher consciousness and mystical experience.
The association aimed to initiate, encourage, and support
research into the nature and functions of kundalini; to cooperate
with individuals and organizations concerned with spiritual,
cultural, medical, or other aspects of kundalini; to study, translate,
and publish texts from Tibet, China, Germany, Japan, or
elsewhere concerned with kundalini; and to gather statistics
and study case histories of people in all parts of the world who
have had experience or claim talents related to the arousal of
The association adhered to the teachings of the late Pandit
Gopi Krishna (1903–1984), who claimed that kundalini is the
basic psychosomatic mechanism responsible for genius, psychic
faculties, mystical ecstasy (or samadhi) and (in an abnormal
form) certain kinds of insanity. The association hoped to create
global awareness about the scientific implications of kundalini
in order to establish the unity of religions and to bridge the gulf
existing between revealed knowledge and science. Last known
address Gemsenstrasse 7, CH-8006 Zürich, Switzerland.

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