Lörber Society
The Lörber Society (in German, the Lörber Gesellschaft) is
the organization of the students of Austrian seer and channel
Jakob Lörber (1800–1864). Lörber was 40 years old when he
claimed a voice commanded him to take up a pencil and write.
He obeyed, and the voice eventually claimed to be Jesus Christ.
Jesus dictated some 25 substantive books and a variety of
shorter works. Supposedly, after Lörber’s death, these revelations
were given to Gottfried Meyerhofer (1807–1877), a retired
army officer living in Trieste, Italy. After Meyerhofer
died, the voice continued to speak through other individuals,
including Leopold Engel, Johanne Ladner, Bertha Dudde, Johannes
Widmann, Max Seltmann, Johanna Henzsel, George
Riehle, and Johannes Friede. The revelations now fill over 40
The works of Lörber were published by the Neutheosophischer
Verlag, (after 1907 the Newsalems Verlag or New Jerusalem
Publishing House) of Bietigheim, Germany, whose owner,
Christoph Friedrich Landbeck, was a student of the materials.
In 1924 Lörber’s students founded the New Jerusalem Society.
After the rise of Adolph Hitler and the annexation of Austria,
the society was suppressed, but after the war it resurfaced as the
Lörber Gesellschaft (or Lörber Society).
In 1921, Hans Nordewin von Koerber (1896–1979), professor
of Asiatic studies at the University of Southern California,
discovered the Lörber material and began to translate it into
English. In 1962 he founded the Divine Word Society to publish
and disseminate English editions of Lörber’s writings. This
society was very active through the 1970s but seems to have disbanded
in more recent years.
Lörber’s revelations amount to a revised gnostic interpretation
of Christianity. According to Lörber, the universe was created
by God as the environment for a society of living love.
Many individuals, thought of as divine sparks, were to grow
into the divine likeness. That plan was thwarted by Lucifer, who
revolted and was entrapped in matter. God is now using matter
as a filter through which the impure spirits can be purified. On
Earth, spirits are given the opportunity to return to God. Jesus
came to earth to speed the redemptive process.
Through the imitation of Christ, the individual can learn to
love God and his neighbor. Reborn, the soul drops the body
and ascends to the New Jerusalem. Meanwhile, on Earth,
Christ will return in the near future to recreate the Earth and
establish the millennium. The current social turmoil is a sign
of his near return. When he appears, Lucifer and the earthbound
souls will have to make an ultimate choice. Those who
refuse God and continue in rebellion will be destroyed.
Support for Lörber’s revelations is strongest in Germanspeaking
Europe, but followers can now be found around the
world. Current address unavailable.
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