Lady of Lawers (ca. 1650)
Name given to a woman of the Breadalbane family of Scotland
(possibly a Stewart of Appin), who was married to Campbell
of Lawers (north shore of Loch Tay, ca. 1650). This woman
was believed to be gifted with prophetic powers; her prophecies,
said to be written in a book shaped like a barrel and kept
in the charter room of Taymouth Castle, were known as ‘‘The
Red Book of Balloch.’’
The prophecies all had reference to the house and lands of
Breadalbane. One of these related to an ash tree planted by the
lady on the north side of the church, beneath which she was
said to have been eventually buried. The prophecy was ‘‘The
tree will grow, and when it reaches the gable the church will be
split asunder, and this will also happen when the red cairn on
Ben Lawers falls.’’
The tree reached the gable in the year 1833, when a great
thunderstorm demolished the west loft of the church, collapsing
into the middle and rendering the church derelict. At the
same time, a cairn (heap of stones) built by sappers and miners
on Ben Lawers fell, and the Disruption of the Church of Scotland
itself took place.

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