Lambert, R(ichard) S(tanton) (1894– )
Broadcasting official and author who explored the field of
parapsychology and published books and articles on the subject.
He was born on August 25, 1894, at Kingston-on-Thames,
England, and studied at Oxford University (M.A., 1921). He tutored
at the University of Sheffield (1919–23), then at the University
of London (1923–28). He was editor of the Listener, published
by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
(1928–39), then moved to Canada where in 1943 he became supervisor
of school broadcasts for the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation (CBC). He won the Governor General of Canada
Medal for Juvenile Literature in 1949. Lambert wrote over 30
books dealing with biography, children’s adventure, travel, art,
crime, radio, films, propaganda, and various school textbooks.
In the field of parapsychology he investigated poltergeist
phenomena with Harry Price, with whom he was joint author
of The Haunting of Cashen’s Gap (1936). The publicity around
this celebrated case nearly cost Lambert his career as editor of
the Listener, when one of the governors of the BBC concluded
that an interest in the supernatural was a reflection on Lambert’s
competence. Lambert challenged him by suing him for
defamation. Lambert tells the story of this case in his biographical
works Ariel and All His Quality (1940). Lambert’s Exploring
the Supernatural (1955) also deals with parapsychology. (See
also Cashen’s Gap)
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