Lancaster, John B(usfield) (1891–1974)
Engineering technician who experimented in the field of
parapsychology. He was born on January 19, 1891, in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. He studied structural design and building
at the Drexel Institute, Philadelphia (1914–18). He was a
draftsman, power plant engineer, and chief draftsman at the
Philadelphia Gas Works, 1911–55.
Lancaster developed games for testing telepathy and psychokinesis,
which he presented to the Parapsychology Laboratory
of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. During
1959 he conducted long-distance experiments in telepathy
with students of Cambridge and Oxford Universities in England
and Wayland College in Plainview, Texas.
Lancaster died in February 1974.
Lancaster, John B. ‘‘A GESP Experiment with a Dual (ColorSymbol)
Target.’’ Journal of Parapsychology (December 1959).