Lanulos is an imaginary planet known only from the account
by flying saucer contactee Woodrow Derenberger, who
claimed to have flown there on a spaceship. In 1996, a being
reputedly from Lanulos named ‘‘Indrid Cold’’ contacted DeLane,
David (Christopher) Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
renberger and indicated that he was seeking friendly contact
with humans.
According to Cold’s account, Lanulos was some 14.6 light
years from Earth in the Ganymede galaxy of stars. It was originally
settled by people from Earth who traveled there in space
ships (thus implying that Earthlings could travel in space prior
to the twentieth century) but that the knowledge of space travel
had been lost for a long time and only more recently rediscovered.
Their new planet was much like Earth, though the yearly
cycle had only three seasons planting, harvest, and cold. Now
back in contact with Earth, the Lanulosians can easily pass for
Cold related that the people of Lanulos are religious. They
believe in one God, the Father of all and the creator of all that
is good. They have a language, but also communicate via telepathy.
They developed in a nonhostile manner and have no
crime or war. Government is loosely organized around a 56-
person Guiding Council whose members are elected every six
months. If a member proves unfit, heshe is dismissed and another
elected to fill the vacancy. The people also have no need
of clothes and generally walk around in the nude. When Derenberger
first visited the planet, he found he attracted stares because
of his clothing and soon adopted the local custom. (Derenberger
also reported that he had traveled to Venus and that
its residents were nudists).
Marriage is common among the Lanulosians. When a couple
marries, they are ‘‘united.’’ The male refers to his spouse
as his ‘‘union,’’ and a female calls her husband her ‘‘united.’’
Cold indicated that he had a wife and two children. Children
go through a lengthy education period that begins as soon as
they seem capable of knowing good from evil. People live to be
125 to 175 years old (in Earth time).
The friendly Lanulosians, while not warlike, were engaged
in business, and desired to establish trade with Earth. However,
they found their attempts to form a relationship rebuffed. They
had approached the American government but found officials
unwilling to guarantee their safety. On occasions when they
had attempted to land, they had been met with hostility. Cold
indicated that he had received wounds from a shotgun on one
Derenberger published his most substantive account of
Lanulos in 1971, though writer John Keel had a continued fascination
with the Derenberger story and included information
he had collected in several of his books over the years. There
has been no independent verification of the existence of such
a planet as Derenberger described.
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