Larcher, Hubert (1921– )
French physician and authority on industrial medicine who
was also active in the field of parapsychology. Larcher was born
June 26, 1921, in Paris, France. He studied at the University
of Grenoble (Licencié en philosophie, 1943) and the University
of Paris (M.D., 1951; diploma in industrial hygiene and industrial
medicine, 1955). From 1961 onward he was professor of
hygiene and safety at Ecole Normale Sociale, Paris. He became
a council member of the Institut Métapsychique International.
Larcher took a special interest in paranormal psychophysiology,
pathogenesis, and paranormal cures. He studied the
relationship between parapsychology, psychic research, and
mysticism, and investigated physiological aspects of metamorphosis
and survival, as well as such parapsychological phenomena
as levitation and psychokinesis. He is the author of Le sang
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Larcher, Hubert
peut-il vaincre la mort and the editor of Aux frontierès de la science
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