Lee, Seung-Heun
Seung-Heun Lee, a Korean qigong master, was raised in
South Korea in the years after the Korean War. He attended
Seoul Public Health College and later studied physical education
at Danguk University. Following his graduation he went to
work as a researcher in a clinical laboratory. His observation of
patients who returned on multiple occasions for treatment
served as a catalyst for his own quest to discover the underlying
causes of health and disease. He began to meditate and practice
disciplines that led to his personal experience of the universal
energy, known in Korea as ki (also known as qi or chi).
He also came to understand that illness was caused by the
blockage of the natural flow of this vital energy.
Having experienced the ki, Lee later discovered that there
was a millennia-old Korean discipline to possess health and
well being through the cultivation of ki. It was called Dahn Hak,
but was largely neglected in the contemporary context. He
worked with the Dahn Hak system and modernized and perfected
it. Then, in 1985, he opened the first Dahn Hak center
in Seoul and began to train masters who could spread the
teachings through the peninsula. Over the next decade he
trained more than 500 masters and opened several hundred
In 1994 Lee moved to the United States to bring Dahn Hak
to the West. He opened the first center in Glendale, California,
a Los Angeles suburb. Over the next five years he opened the
first of the Canadian centers in Toronto, Ontario, and extended
the work to Great Britain and South America. Soon after the
opening of the first center in Seoul, he began to write about
Dahn Hak, the various volumes becoming the textbooks for the
movement. As the movement spreads, these are being translated
into English, the first volume being the basic introduction
to practice, Dahnhak The Way to Perfect Health (1999). In 1997,
he opened a retreat center in Sedona, Arizona, which currently
serves as the international headquarters of the movement.
Dahn Hak has an extensive Internet presence, including http
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