Lefebure, Francis (1916– )
Physician, experimenter, and writer on parapsychological
subjects. Born September 17, 1916, in Paris, France, he studied
at the Paris Medical School at the University of Paris (M.D.).
During World War II, he was a physician in the French Army
(1939–44) and after the war worked as the school physician
(1944-59). He subsequently was director of ‘‘cervoscopy’’ (his
own technique of brain exploration) at Dynam Institut, Paris.
Lefebure joined the Association Francais d’Etudes Métapsychiques
in Paris. He experimented successfully with projecting
his ‘‘psychic double’’ at a distance to individuals who had no
prior knowledge of the attempt. This conscious projection of
a ‘‘double’’ is what is elsewhere termed out-of-the-body travel.
He authored several books and contributed articles on clairvoyance
and occultism to the magazine Initiation et Science.
Lefebure, Francis. Expériences initiatiques. 3 vols. N.p., 1954,
1956, 1959.
———. Les Homologies; architecture cosmique ou, La Lumière secrète
de l’Asie devant la science modern (Homologies; or, The Secret
Light of Asia in Relation to Modern Science). Paris Editions
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