Lemurian Fellowship
The Lemurian Fellowship was founded in Chicago in 1936
by Robert D. Stelle and Howard John Zitko and named for Lemuria,
a continent first hypothesized in the nineteenth century
as a Pacific counterpart of Atlantis. Shortly after the fellowship
formed, it moved to Milwaukee and then in 1938 to Chula
Vista, California, near San Diego. In 1941, the group purchased
land in rural San Diego County near Ramona.
The teachings of the Lemurian philosophy were initially
presented in two books, An Earth Dweller Returns and The Sun
Rises. The former was written as a sequel to A Dweller on Two
Planets (1899). Claiming to be channeled through Frederick
William Oliver by an entity known as ‘‘Phylos the Tibetan,’’ The
Earth Dweller Returns was one of the early books to discuss Lemuria.
The Sun Rises, written by Stelle, goes into great detail
concerning the ancient Lemurian civilization. Its philosophy is
summarized in several basic laws, notably the laws of precipitation,
cause and effect, compensation, correspondence, and
transmutation. Zitko’s early presentation of the philosophy in
The Lemurian Theochristic Conception became the basis of the fellowship’s
correspondence lessons.
According to the fellowship, Christ visited Lemuria and
there enunciated the Lemurian philosophy. The following also
teaches that Christ reigned for 1,000 years as Melchizedek, the
emperor of Atlantis. When Atlantis was destroyed, all that
Christ had taught was stored away in archives of the secret
brotherhoods such as the Essenes and Rosicrucians. The oldest
of these brotherhoods was the Lemurians. The Lemurian
Fellowship is a mundane organization designed to release the
information contained in the Lemurian Brotherhood archives.
The Lemurian Fellowship, which sees the New Age as the
kingdom of God, believes that the kingdom will have a communal
social structure in which the individual’s and society’s prosperity
mutually support each other. New members in the fellowship
are expected eventually to become complete
participants in it.
The fellowship is located on 260 acres on two tracts of land
eight miles apart. Groups of members live communally, and facilities
for their welfare and fellowship administration worldwide
have been constructed. Besides Gateway, the headquarters
building, there is a chapel, school, dining hall, laundry,
member residences, and Lemurian Crafts, a business that helps
support the community. Most students to the group begin with
a set of correspondence lessons. Leadership comes from the
higher plane through the Council of Elder Brothers and the
Advanced Ego (Stelle). Stelle led the group until his death in
1952 and was succeeded by a board of governors. Zitko left the
group to found the World University. The fellowship may be
contacted at Box 397, Ramona, CA 92065. Website http
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