Leslie, Desmond (Peter Arthur) (1921– )
Irish novelist, film scriptwriter, musician, and coauthor of a
key book on flying saucers. Born on June 21, 1921, in London,
the youngest son of novelist Sir Shane Leslie and nephew of Lionel
Leslie, explorer and author involved in investigations of
lake monsters in Scotland. He was educated at Ampleforth, England,
and Trinity College, Dublin. During World War II he
served in the Royal Air Force (1940–44). Over the years he
wrote a number of books, but his most famous was written with
George Adamski. Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953) created a
sensation and launched a trend. It passed through many editions
and was translated into 16 different languages. Adamski
claimed that he had met a voluptuous golden-haired Venusian,
and the book contains photographs of this creature and of flying
saucers. In addition to his novels and scripts, Leslie has
composed electronic music for films and television.
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