Lia Light
Lia Light is an organization that facilitates the work and disseminates
the teachings of Lia Shapiro, a UFO contactee who
claims communications from the Pleiades. She was born the
daughter of an atheist Jewish father and Southern Baptist
mother. As a child, in the 1950s, she had had a vision of an intense
light which visited her son. Then in 1982, she had a born
again experience and became an Evangelical Christian.
Finally, in 1994, while in Japan teaching English classes,
Shapiro met a Japanese woman who told her that she had a
great mission in her life. The woman turned out to be part of
a Japanese New Age group with which she began to associate.
They encouraged her to listen to her inner voice and to write
down what she received. Then one day in 1995, while sitting at
her computer, the words began to flow freely. The messages
that she typed turned out to be communications from beings
that claimed to be Pleiadians. She passed copies of the channeled
messages to her Japanese friends, who encouraged her
to continue. She also began to see herself as a Starseed, an extraterrestrial
incarnated in a human body. She related this idea
to a myth reported among the Cherokee people that they originated
from the Pleiades.
The experience of channeling from the Pleiadians put Shapiro’s
life in perspective, from her childhood experience with
the Light. She believes that the Pleiadians are here to enlighten
humankind and lead people toward their destiny in the Light.
Humans will come to know who they really are as Light beings.
Lia Light can be contacted at P.O. Box 1063, Fallbrook, CA
92088. It has an Internet page at Sections
of her first book, Comes the Awakening, to be published in
2000, have appeared in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.
Lia Light. June 10, 2000.