Life Waves
According to Theosophy, the three creative life waves flow
from the Deity (the Logos). The theosophical deity is pictured
in three aspects, somewhat analogous to the Christian Trinity
Will, Wisdom, and Activity. Each has its definite role in the creation
of a universe.
When the Logos sets about the great work of creation it
sends the first life wave through the aspect of Activity into the
multitude of bubbles in the ether, and thereby forms the various
kinds of matter. The universe having been thus far prepared,
the second life wave is sent through the aspect of Wisdom,
which, bringing with it life as we usually understand that
term and penetrating matter from above, gradually descends
to the grosser forms and again ascends to the finer forms. In
its descent, this life wave makes for an ever-increasing heterogeneity,
but in its ascent the process is reversed and it makes
for an ever-increasing homogeneity.
The work of creation is now far enough advanced to permit
the creation of humanity, for matter has now been infused with
the capacity of form and provided with life, and the Logos,
therefore, through the aspect of Will, bears forth the Divine
Spark, the Monad, and, along with the form and the life, ensouls