Light of the Universe (LOTU)
The Light of the Universe is a New Age channeling group
founded in the early 1960s by Helen Spitler, better known by
her public name Maryona. In 1965 she published The Light of
the Universe, a compilation of channeled materials from the
‘‘higher source’’ who spoke through her. In 1966 she launched
the Lotus, a quarterly periodical. As membership increased and
groups developed, Maryona developed a set of correspondence
LOTU placed great emphasis upon the nature and the development
of the human soul. It taught that souls progress upward
through a series of incarnations. The rate of progress can
be increased by turning oneself away from the imperfection
and impurities of this world, and this is accomplished through
meditation and various cleansing exercises. LOTU teachings
discouraged outmoded and false traditions.
Light Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
Last known address 161 N. Sandusky Rd., Tiffin, OH
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