Linton, Charles (ca. 1855– )
An early American writing medium of first generation Spiritualism.
Originally a blacksmith with limited education, he became
a clerk in a store in Philadelphia at the age of 22 and a
bookkeeper afterward. Soon after he developed automatic
writing, under the alleged control of Daniel Webster. Governor
Nathaniel P. Talmadge and the actor Fenno claimed to
have received, through his hand, communications from Shakespeare.
In 1853 Linton began his great work. In the space of only
four months, he produced a book of religious rhapsody, published
in 1855 under the title The Healing of the Nations, with a
preface by Talmadge, who often witnessed the writing. The
book consists of more than 100,000 words; it came very fluently
and in a different handwriting from the medium’s, who was
quite conscious during its production. It was one of the most
unique inspirational books of the period, although its aphorisms
would now seem rather trite.

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