List, Guido von (1848–1919)
Austrian occultist, author, journalist, and playwright whose
racist theories preceded National Socialism in Germany. He
grew up obsessed by pagan folklore of gods and demons, and
after publication of his first books, a small group of admirers
founded a Guido von List Society, which issued further books
of a pseudo-mystical nature.
List developed a theory of a mysterious ancient race called
the ‘‘Armanen,’’ whose symbol was the swastika, and founded
a secret occult lodge of the Armanen. After a press scandal, in
which it was revealed that he practiced medieval black magic
with blood rituals and sexual perversion, he fled from Vienna.
Many of his associates, like Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, were
rabid anti-Semites, part of the occult underground that nourished
perverted Nazi beliefs. List died in Berlin in May 1919.
Sklar, Dusty. Gods and Beasts The Nazis and the Occult. New
York Thomas Y. Crowell, 1977.

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