Litanies of the Sabbat
According to one account, on Wednesdays and Saturdays it
was the custom to sing at the witches’ sabbat the following litanies
‘‘Lucifer, Beelzebub, Leviathan, have pity on us. Baal,
prince of the seraphim; Baalberith, prince of the cherubim; Astaroth,
prince of the thrones; Rosier, prince of denominations;
Carreau, prince of the powers; Belial, prince of the vertues;
Perrier, prince of the principalities; Oliver, prince of the arch
angels; Junier, prince of the angels; Sarcueil, Fume-bouche,
Pierre-le-Feu, Carniveau, Terrier, Contellier, Candelier, Behemoth,
Oilette, Belphegor, Sabathan, Garandier, Dolers, PierreFort,
Axaphat, Prisier, Kakos, Lucesme, pray for us.’’
Satan was evoked in these litanies only in company with a
crowd of other demons. Accounts of different sabbats vary and
many litanies appear to have been merely anti-Christian parodies.
This particular litany sounds more like an evocation of demons
for a magical ritual than a celebration of a witchcraft sabbat.

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