Llewellyn Publications
Founded as Llewellyn Publishing Co. in Portland, Oregon,
by astrologer Llewellyn George (1876–1954). The company
existed for many years in Los Angeles, becoming the leading
publishing house of astrological literature in America. In the
years after George’s death, it was acquired by Minnesota businessman
Carl Lllewellyn Weschcke (a relative of George) and
is now located in St. Paul, Minnesota, under the name Llewellyn
Publications. It has emerged as one of the largest publishing
and wholesaling organizations of occult, witchcraft, and
magical literature in the United States.
During the early days of the Wicca revival, Llewellyn was one
of the first to publish a version of the witchcraft manual, the
Book of Shadows, and Weschske emerged as a champion of
disclosing all the secrets of coven life. Llewellyn also published
the periodicals Gnostica, Astrology Now, and Aquarian Age Preview,
as well as the annual Moon Sign Book, a standard astrological
text first edited by George in 1905.
The large retail bookstore Gnostica was opened in Minneapolis
on January 15, 1970, but was closed after a few years.
The company, however, maintains a large mail-order operation.
For a few years in the 1970s it sponsored an annual Aquarian
Age Festival, which included lectures, readings, and consultations.