Loch Ness & Morar Project
Project that grew out of the Loch Morar Expedition to investigate
reports of a monster named ‘‘Mhorag,’’ similar to the
Loch Ness Monster. Originating in 1970–72, the Loch Morar
Survey investigated with manned observation equipment, then
used underwater television in 1975. Later, sonar monitoring
was the favored procedure. In spite of largely negative findings,
the project continued to survey both Loch Morar and Loch
Ness. In 1974 the project used divers and dredging in search
of organic matter, on the supposition that if there had been
large animals in the loch over a longer period, there should be
organic remains. This search was inconclusive.
In the 1980s the project intensified its use of sonar equipment
and underwater photography. An ambitious project,
‘‘Operation Deepscan,’’ engaged more than 20 small boats to
sweep the whole area of Loch Ness using sonar and video scanning.
Although the results were largely ambiguous, there were
three unexplained sonar contacts, indicating something that
might be large fishes.
Address The Original Loch Ness Exhibition Centre, Drumnadrochit,
Inverness-shire, Scotland.
Campbell, Steuart Campbell. The Loch Ness Monster The Evidence.
Wellingborough, England Aquarian Press, 1986