In Hindu religion, a term for a world or division of the universe.
For general purposes, there are three lokas heaven,
earth, and hell, but different philosophical schools have enumerated
seven or even eight lokas. The seven lokas are Bhurloka
(earth), Bhwar-loka (space between earth and the sun, inhabited
by semi-divine beings), Swar-loka (region between the
sun and polar star, the heaven of the god Indra), Mahar-loka
(the abode of great sages and saints), Jana-loka (abode of the
sons of the god Brahma), Tapar-loka (abode of other deities),
and Satya-loka or Brahma-loka (abode of Brahma, where souls
are released from the necessity of rebirth).
In Buddhism, there are three worlds—or world systems—
named lokas the kamaloka (world of desire), the rupaloka (world
of matter or form), and the arupaloka (world without form).
These terms have been adopted by the Theosophical Society.
(See also Lokaloka)

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