Lord, Jenny (ca. 1854)
Nineteenth-century American physical medium of Maine.
Later married to J. L. Webb, she is said to have produced remarkable
musical phenomena, either by herself or with her sister
Annie, who was also mediumistic.
In her book Modern American Spiritualism (1870), Emma
Hardinge (Britten) stated
‘‘These young ladies, both very slight, fragile persons, suffering
under the most pitiable conditions of ill-health, and in
their normal state unable to play upon any instrument, became
mediums for various phases of ‘‘the power’’ requiring the most
astounding physical force in execution, in addition to which,
spirits, in their presence and in darkened rooms, would play
upon a double bass violin cello, guitar, drums, accordion, tambourine,
bells, and various small instruments, with the most astonishing
skill and power. Sometimes the instruments would be
played on singly, at others all together, and not infrequently
the strange concert would conclude by placing the young medium,
seated in her invalid chair, silently and in a single instant
in the center of the table, piling up all the instruments around
Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Lord, Jenny
her, and then calling for a light to exhibit their ponderous feats
of strength and noiseless agility to the eyes of the astonished
circle. The sisters rarely sat together, and though it would be
impossible to conceive of any persons more incapable of giving
off physical power than these two fragile and afflicted girls, yet
their manifestations with one alone acting as medium, have
surpassed, in feats of vast strength and musical achievements,
any that are recorded in the annals of Spiritualism.’’
In his book The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism (1882), Epes
Sargent described similar amazing séances with Lord, and introduced
the Scottish writer Robert Chambers to her phenomena
on a visit to America. Sargent expressed absolute conviction
of the genuineness of the phenomena of Jenny Lord.

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