Lotus Ashram
The Lotus Ashram was a Spiritualist fellowship tied together
by the mediumship of Noel Street and his wife, Coleen Street.
It was established in Miami, Florida, in 1917. Street was born
and raised in New Zealand but moved to the United States and
was ordained originally by the Universal Church of the Master.
For a number of years he toured the United States annually. He
and his wife lectured, and he did psychic readings and healings.
He was known for drawing upon the teaching of the Maori
people of his native New Zealand. Coleen, not a medium,
taught yoga, physical fitness through vegetarianism, and proper
food preparation.
Street wrote a number of booklets on various topics related
to mediumship and reincarnation. In 1975 he opened a center
in Chillicothe, Ohio, which later relocated to Texas in 1977.
Last known address 264 Mainsail, Port Lucie, FL 33452.
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