Luce e Ombra (Light and Shade) (Journal)
The principal Italian Spiritualist monthly, founded in 1900.
It was edited by Angelo Marzorati until his death in autumn
1931. The title was changed in January 1932 to La Ricerca
Psichica (Psychic Review), with a transfer of editorial offices
from Rome to Milan. Up until 1999 Luce e Ombra was published
quarterly by dell’Associazione Archivio di Documentazione
Storica della Ricerca Psichica. However, in 1999 it became the
official organ of the Foundazione Bibloteca Bozzano-De Boni
after the fusion between the Archivio and the Foundation. Address
Piazza Azzarita, 5-40122, Bologna, Italia.
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Parapsychology and Psychical Research. New York Paragon
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