In medieval Irish romance, son of Kian and father of
Cuchulain. He was brought up by his uncle Goban, the Smith,
and by Duach, King of Fairyland. It was prophesied that Lugh
should eventually overcome his father’s old enemy Balor, his
own grandfather. So instead of killing the three murderers of
his father, Kian, he put them on oath to obtain certain wonders,
including the magical spear of the king of Persia and the pigskin
of the king of Greece, which, if laid on a patient, would
heal him of his wound or cure him of his sickness. Thus
equipped, Lugh entered the Battle of Moytura against the FoEncyclopedia
of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed. Lugh
morians, and by hurling a stone that pierced through the eye
to the brain of Balor, Lugh fulfilled the Druidic prophecy.
Lugh was the Irish sun god; his final conquest of the Fomorians
and their leader symbolizes the victory of light and intellect
over darkness. Balor was god of darkness and brute force
as embodied in the Fomorians. By his title of Ildanach, or ‘‘All
Craftsman,’’ Lugh is comparable to the Greek Apollo. He was
widely worshiped by Continental Celts.