Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts &
In the late 1980s, popular New Age teacher Lynn Andrews
responded to her many readers’ desire for more in-depth
teachings by holding an annual four-day retreat at Joshua
Tree, California. The author of more than a dozen books, Andrews
has presented herself as a contemporary shaman and the
spokesperson of a secret Native American organization, the Sisterhood
of the Shields. Her public presentations offered some
of the broad perspectives and invited initiation. The retreats offered
the opportunity for involvement in the basic occult practices
associated with the shamanistic path.
The retreats also served as a base from which an even more
structured program emerged in 1994 as the Lynn Andrews
Center for Sacred Arts & Training. The center, described as a
school without walls, offers a two-year and a four-year curriculum
for those who wish to learn the practical and experiential
aspects of the shamanism which Andrews has discussed in her
many books. The work teaches awareness and use of personal
magical energies, though the exact contents, as with most occult
teachings, have not been publicized.
Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts & Training. http
www.lynnandrews.compagesframelacsat.html. February 20,

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