Mackey, Albert Gallatin (1807–1881)
American authority on Freemasonry and editor of numerous
books on the subject, including Encyclopedia of Freemasonry
(1874). Mackey was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on
March 12, 1807. He was a disciple of the great nineteenthcentury
Masonic leader Albert Pike (1809–1891), one of those
falsely charged by fictitious Satanic priestess Diana Vaughan
and others with the practice of devil worship and sorcery. The
whole campaign proved to be a conspiracy on the part of journalist
Gabriel Jogand-Pagés to discredit and embarrass both
the Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry. One of the earliest
writers to throw doubt on the revelations of Jogand-Pagès
was British occultist and mystic Arthur E. Waite in his book
Devil-Worship in France (1896).
He died on June 20, 1881, in Virginia.
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