Maguire, Father Joseph (ca. 1931– )
Catholic priest popularly known as ‘‘The Miracle Man,’’ who
specializes in spiritual healing. He was born in Lowell, Massachusetts;
his mother was Irish, from Castlegregory in county
Kerry. Maguire was a successful businessman, owning an electronics
sales company that sold missile parts to Cape Kennedy,
and also operating a chain of hotels, motels, and restaurants.
Then, at the age of 38, he left his profitable businesses and became
a Catholic priest.
His gift of healing developed slowly over a period of years,
commencing the year before his ordination. He has since figured
in a large number of medically unexplained cures that followed
his touching people who were terminally ill.
In 1984 Father Maguire visited Ireland, where he had an
enthusiastic reception. More than 2,500 people crowded into
the Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Merrion Road,
Dublin (built to accommodate 1,800 persons). Parents held out
babies for Father Maguire to touch. After celebrating mass with
eight concelebrants, Father Maguire blessed the congregation
Magnetic Phenomena Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
and went to pray with the sick. Subsequently a 46-year-old
mother, paralyzed for several months with a cancerous tumor,
claimed that she regained the use of her left arm and was able
to walk again after being virtually immobile. (See also healing
by touch)