Maitland, Edward (1824–1897)
Co-founder with Anna Bonus Kingsford of Esoteric Christianity
and the Hermetic Society.
Born October 27, 1824, at Ipswich, England, Maitland graduated
from Caius College, Cambridge, 1847. He intended to
become a clergyman, but had many reservations about the
church, and instead spent some years traveling in California
and Australia, studying life firsthand.
Upon returning to England, he devoted himself ‘‘to developing
the intuitional faculty as to find the solution of all problems
having their basis in man’s spiritual nature.’’ Through his
close friendship with Anna Kingsford, he became an ardent
vegetarian and the interpreter of her highly individual mystical
Christianity. He collaborated with her on the writing of The Perfect
Way; or, The Finding of Christ (London, 1882) and related
After Kingsford’s death in 1888, Maitland published her biography,
Anna Kingsford Her Life, Letters, Diary (1896). He died
in the following year on October 2, 1897.
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