Marie of Agreda (or Maria de Jesus)
A Spanish nun, Maria Fernandez Coronel, who founded
and was abbess of the Franciscan Recollects at Agreda. She published
a work entitled La mystica ciudad de Dios (The Mystic City
of God, a Miracle of the All-powerful, the Abyss of Grace Divine
History of the Life of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother
of God, our Queen and Mistress, manifested in these last times
by the Holy Virgin to the Sister Marie of Jesus, Abbess of the
Convent of the Immaculate Conception of the town of Agreda,
and written by that same Sister by order of her Superiors and
Confessors). This work, which was condemned by the Sorbonne,
described many strange and miraculous happenings
said to have befallen the Virgin Mary from her birth on, including
a visit to Heaven in her early years, when she was given a
guard of 900 angels. These revelations appear to have come
out of her own spiritual raptures, but were full of inaccuracies.
She was said to have lived a pious life in spite of the condemnation
of her writings.

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