Mars, Louis (1906– )
Professor of psychiatry and former Haitian ambassador to
the United States who was also interested in parapsychology.
He was born on September 5, 1906, at Grande-Rivière du
Nord, Haiti. He studied at the University of Haiti Medical
School, Port-au-Prince (M.D., 1927), and took postgraduate
training in psychiatry at the Faculté de Médecine in Paris
(1935) and at Columbia University in New York City
He became a professor of psychiatry at the Medical School,
University of Haiti (1937) and at the Institute of Ethnology,
University of Haiti (1946–49). He subsequently served as dean
of the Medical School (1947–51) and rector of University of
Haiti (1957). Mars joined the Haitian government in 1958 as
the minister of foreign affairs. He was subsequently named ambassador
to France in 1960 and ambassador to the United
States in 1962. After his government service, he became director
of Psychiatric Institute of Port-au-Prince (1962).
As a psychiatrist, Mars became interested in the phenomena
associated with voudou about which he wrote one book and several
articles. He contributed to an article, ‘‘Phenomena of Possession,’’
published in Tomorrow (autumn 1954).
Mars, Louis. The Crisis of Possession in Voudou. Port-auPrince,
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