Marsh, Maurice Clement (1922– )
South African university lecturer in psychology who took
special interest in parapsychology. He was born March 13,
1922, at Bloemfontein, South Africa. He studied at the University
of South Africa (B.A., 1942; B.A., hons. psychology, 1946;
U.E.D., 1948) and Rhodes University, Grahamstown (Ph.D.,
1959). He served as a lecturer in psychology at Rhodes University
(1950–61) and in 1962 joined the faculty in psychology at
the University of New England, New South Wales, Australia.
Marsh’s Ph.D. dissertation dealt with experimental work in
ESP, and he continued his interest in laboratory investigation
of psychic phenomena. He joined the Society for Psychical
Research, London. He was a guest researcher at the Parapsychology
Laboratory of Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
(1951–52). He has investigated the relationship between
subjects and agents in ESP testing and the psychological aspects
of conditions favorable to poltergeists, using psychological
testing techniques.
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