Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science
The Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science is a New Age organization
founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 1930s by
a teacher known publicly as Martinus (1890–1981). Reportedly,
Martinus had undergone an intense experience, after which he
could divine spiritual principles and laws of the universe
through colored diagrams and symbols. He subsequently
claimed to have analyzed the universe, which he understood in
a set of logical chains of thought readily accessible to the intelliMartin,
Dorothy R(andolph) Encyclopedia of Occultism & Parapsychology • 5th Ed.
gence. Among the principles he discovered, for example, was
that life is eternal and manifests in alternate periods of physical
and spiritual existence (that is, reincarnation). Martinus’s
teachings are summarized in his two books, Livets Bog (The Book
of Life) and The Eternal World Picture.
In 1935 he opened what has become the organization’s primary
center at the seaside resort town of Klint. The work was
slowed somewhat by World War II, but by the 1960s affiliated
centers had opened in Germany, Holland, Sweden, and Great
Britain. KOSMOS, the institute’s magazine, appears in Danish,
German, French, English, Swedish, Esperanto, Spanish, and
Dutch editions. The institute may be contacted co Mariendalsvej
94–96, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark. Website http
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