Mayne, Alan James (1927– )
British researcher and consultant. He was born November
29, 1927, at Cambridge, England, and studied at Oxford University
(B.A., 1949; B.S., 1951; M.A., 1953). He held a variety
of positions in industry, including work as scientific officer,
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (1951–56); research
statistician and consultant with A. C. Nielsen Co., Oxford
(1956–59); and research fellow with Electronic Computing
Laboratory, University of Leeds (1960–61). He edited The Scientist
Speculates, an anthology, and wrote articles on mathematical
statistics and operational research.
Mayne also studied parapsychological phenomena and published
contributions in the Journal of the British Society of Dowsers.
He acted as director of research for the Society of Metaphysicians
(Archer’s Court, Hastings, Sussex, England) and was
president of the Institute of Parascience (Spryton, Lifton,
Devon, England) on its foundation in 1971.
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