McMoneagle, Joseph (1946– )
Joseph McMoneagle, a psychic known for his remote viewing
abilities and participation in the government-sponsored
research on parapsychology, was born in Miami, Florida on
January 10, 1946. After high school he enter the army and soon
was assigned to the Army Security Agency. After 13 years of service
overseas, in 1977 he returned to the United States to work
with the Intelligence and Security Command where he became
a warrant officer.
In 1978 he was recruited into the secret psychic spy unit of
the government program, later known as the STAR GATE
Project, designed to develop an operative intelligence operation
using remote viewing. He worked with the unit until his retirement
in 1984. He moved to rural Virginia where he met and
eventually married Nancy Lea Honeycutt, the step-daughter of
Robert A. Monroe, known for his out-of-body experiences. She
was the director of the Monroe Institute for Applied Sciences.
Following his retirement, McMoneagle was also hired by the
Cognitive Sciences Laboratory, responsible for the research
and development side of the STAR GATE Project. He worked
both as a remote viewer and as a research assistant. He continues
as an employee of the laboratory. McMoneagle has written
two nonfiction books about remote viewing, Mind Trek (1993)
and The Ultimate Time Machine (1998). In the wake of the declassification
of data on the government’s paranormal research in
1995, McMoneagle has made numerous media appearances
discussing the subject matter.
McMoneagle and his wife Nancy have founded Intuitive Intelligence
Applications, Inc., through which offers astrological
consultant and remote viewing services and programs in paranormal
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