Meier, C(arl) A(lfred) (1905– )
Swiss Jungian psychotherapist who wrote on parapsychology.
He was born on April 19, 1905, at Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
He was educated at University of Paris Medical School,
the University of Venice, and the University of Zurich Medical
School (M.D.).
Besides his private practice as a psychotherapist, he was an
assistant, then director, of laboratory research at the Burghölzli
Psychiatric Clinic of Zurich University (1930–36) and became
a professor of psychology at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology,
Zurich, in 1949. Meier served as president of the C. G.
Jung Institute, Zurich (1948–57) and was editor of Studien aus
dem C. G. Jung Institute (1949–57). In 1957 he founded the International
Association for Analytical Psychology.
Meier wrote Jung and Analytical Psychology (1959) and many
articles on psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, and other psychological
topics. He had a special interest in relationships between
the unconscious and extrasensory perception. Meier
edited Studien zu C. G. Jung’s Psychologie written by Toni Wolff
Meier, Carl A. Ancient Incubation and Modern Psychotherapy.
Evanston, Ill. Northwestern University Press, 1968.
———. ‘‘C. G. Jung’s Concept of Synchronicity.’’ In Proceedings
of the First International Conference of Parapsychological Studies
———. ‘‘Jung’s ‘Meaningful Coincidence.’&43’’ Tomorrow
(spring 1954).
———. ‘‘Projection, Transference, and Subject-Object Relation.’’
In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Psychology
and Parapsychology (1957).
———. ‘‘Psychological Background of So-Called Spontaneous
Phenomena.’’ In Proceedings of the Conference on Spontaneous
Phenomena (1957).

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