Meng-Koehler, Heinrich Otto (1887– )
Physician, psychoanalyst, and author. He was born on July
9, 1887, at Hohnhurst, Baden, Germany, and studied at the
University of Heidelberg (M.D., 1912), the University of Leipzig,
and the University of Würzburg. He became director of the
Institute of Psychoanalysis, Frankfurt (1928–33), and after the
fall of Nazism, he emerged as professor of mental hygiene at
the University of Basel, Switzerland (1945–55). Following his
retirement he was named professor emeritus.
Meng-Koehler edited and contributed to a number of works
on mental health and wrote one book, Psychohygiene (Mental
Hygiene, 1960). In the field of parapsychology, he took special
interest in connections with psychoanalysis. He attended the
International Conference on Parapsychological Studies held in
Utrecht, Netherlands, in 1953, and the Conference on Unorthodox
Healing at St. Paul de Vence, 1954.
Meng-Koehler, Heinrich O. ‘‘Parapsychologie, Psychohygiene,
and Aerztliche Fortbildung’’ (Parapsychology, Mental
Hygiene and Medical Training). Hippokrates (1954).
———. ‘‘Wunderheilungen’’ (Miracles of Healing). Hippokrates