The system developed by Edwin John Dingle (1881–1972)
as a synthesis of all he had learned as a young man in his travels
in the Orient, especially Tibet. Dingle began teaching informally
in 1927 in New York City. His early classes grew into the
Institute of Mentalphysics in 1934.
Mentalphysics is seen as a super yoga. Dingle taught his students
a set of what are believed to be universal truths and a system
of practice built around pranayama (breathing), diet (vegetarian),
exercises, meditation, and a system of working with
one’s own particular body chemistry. Breathing is especially
important as a means of making use of prana, the subtle energy
that permeates the universe, which is both the key to good
health and contacting the universal realms. The exact details
of the teaching are given to students in a set of 26 basic lessons,
124 advanced lessons, and additional ‘‘preceptor’’ lessons.
Current active membership is approximately 5,000 though
more than 200,000 different students have at one time studied
Mentalphysics. Students come from North America and various
foreign countries.
Address Institute of Mentalphysics, 59700 Twenty-nine
Palms Hwy., Joshua Tree, CA 92252.
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of Mentalphysics, 1939.
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