An archangel whose Hebrew name means ‘‘He who is equal
to God.’’ He is mentioned in the book of Daniel as a character
in Daniel’s visions who is a prince of Persia contending for the
Hebrew people. After the Hebrews returned to Palestine from
their exile, they began to develop their doctrine of angels.
Seven archangels, including Michael and Gabriel, emerged
into prominence. In one of the uncanonical Jewish writings, the
Assumption of Moses, Michael disputes with Satan for the body
of Moses, a belief picked up and mentioned in the Christian
New Testament (Jude 9).
The most important quote concerning Michael is found in
Revelation 127 ‘‘There was war in heaven. Michael and his angels
fought against the dragon.’’ From this it is deduced that
Michael is the leader of the celestial hierarchy against Lucifer,
the head of the disobedient angels.
His design, according to genealogist Randle Holme, is a
banner hanging on a cross, and he is represented as victory
with a dart in one hand and a cross on his forehead. Bishop
Horsley and others considered Michael as only another name
for the Son of God.
In one of the Jewish rabbinical legends, he is the ruler of
Mercury, to which sphere he ‘‘imparts benignity, motion and
intelligence, with elegance and consonance of speech.

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