Miller, Ellora Fogle (Mrs. R. DeWitt Miller)
Writer in the fields of publicity and psychical research. She
was born June 8, 1913, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and
studied at the University of Southern California (M.A., 1945).
She was a staff member of the publicity department of Young
& Rubicam, Hollywood, California, and national editor of the
Baton (the publication of Phi Beta Fraternity) (1953–56), and
afterward director of honors for the Phi Beta Fraternity. In
1937 she married R. DeWitt Miller (1910–1958), with whom
she collaborated on two books and several articles concerned
with psychical research.
Ellora Miller died in October 1982.
Miller, R. DeWitt, and Ellora F. Miller. Forgotten Mysteries.
Chicago Cloud Inc., 1947.
———. You Do Take It with You. New York Citadel Press,

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