Miller, Robin (1950– )
Robin Miller is a poet, songwriter, and musician residing in
Sedona, Arizona, who during the 1980s found the answer to
much of his searching in New Age metaphysics. Then in 1987,
he began to channel music. The term channeling has frequently
been applied to the inspiration to which gifted musicians
have attributed as the source of their musical innovations. The
product of these channelings was released as a series of albums
including Paradise View, Magical Spheres, Celestial Bridge,
and From the Heart, each of which reached a popular audience
in the post-New Age community. Then on January 23, 1991,
shortly before Miller and his family moved to Sedona, an unembodied
entity named Jonathon manifested early in the
morning immediately after an intense dream in which Miller
felt he was being taught about the future direction of his life.
As he awoke he found himself repeating some thoughts aloud.
He sat down to remember and put the thoughts to paper. At
that point he found himself tapping into thoughts that did not
appear to be his own. He began to record these thoughts by automatic
Miller found that he was frequently called upon to write, and
he allowed his bonding with the entity who was communicating
through him to become stronger. Accompanying the process of
communicating, Miller also found that he was transforming
into a more loving being.
Jonathon described himself as a seventh ray being and
speaker for the Council of the Brotherhood of Light, described
as a group of seven beings amid the many organizations and
entities in the spiritual realm who are working to reawaken humanity
to its true God-self connection. The brotherhood thus
works beside the many groups spoken of by other channelers
such as the Great White Brotherhood, the Celestial Hierarchy
of Light, and the Ashtar Command, groups of evolved beings
who guide humanity in its overall evolution and spiritual life.
Jonathon described himself as someone who had been incarnated
on various occasions, on the most recent occasion as a
Christian monk in the thirteenth century in eastern France. He
was also known as Jonathon in that incarnation. He had led a
contemplative life and had an awakening in his 46th year. He
died three years later.
In returning to speak through Miller, Jonathon explained
he is taking part in a coordinated effort from the spiritual
realm to push humanity toward enlightenment. As a result,
Earth will be transformed into a paradise. The awakening of
humanity at this time is the fulfillment of the promise of the
Second Coming of Christ. In 1993 Miller published the initial
messages from Jonathon as Talks with Jonathon, the first of five
proposed volumes.
Miller, Robin. Talks with Jonathon, Book I A Guide to Transformation.
Needham, Mass. Channel One Communications,

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